Patriotic Elegance Glass Necklace


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Embrace my “Patriotic Elegance” glass necklace that is 19 to 21 inches. This stunning accessory combines the bold colors of red, white, and blue, reminiscent of national pride and the spirit of unity. Each carefully crafted glass bead captures the vibrant hues, creating a striking symphony of colors that delicately adorn your neckline. Whether you’re attending a Fourth of July celebration, showing your support for your country, or simply adding a touch of patriotic flair to your outfit, this necklace is the perfect blend of style and patriotism. With its exquisite craftsmanship and captivating design, “Patriotic Elegance” is sure to make a bold and beautiful statement wherever you go.

Silver plated closure. A perfect statement for any occasion. Thank you for shopping at CraftsRU Shop.


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